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See Who is Providing GREAT Service - Quarterly Encore

What's the Encore! Program All About?

Showing Our Appreciation

A cornerstone of J.M. Wilson is to deliver exceptional customer experiences, and we're proud to show our appreciation by recognizing those that continuously deliver outstanding service. To celebrate exceeding the expectations of our customers, we acknowledge Associates that have received nominations (or, "Encores!", as we like to call them) throughout the year for upholding high standards of quality service and customer satisfaction. 
Paying it Forward

We value outstanding service so highly that we think everyone we work with, outside of J.M. Wilson, should also be recognized for the exceptional customer experiences they create. As our way of "paying it forward", we extend the Encore! Program to our Carrier Underwriters/Associates, and our Appointed Agents, who are nominated by JMW Associates, as a way to let them know that their excellent service does not go unnoticed.
Each quarter, three Encore! recipients are chosen by J.M. Wilson:
- A JMW Associate
- An Agent appointed with JMW
- A Carrier Underwriter/Associate partnered with JMW

Take a look at each listed by category below to learn more about the recipient and how they became nominated to receive their Encore!recognition.

J.M. Wilson Encore! Recipients
2nd Quarter, 2018

Agency Encore Winner:

Tasha Blake - Collins & Associates Corp

"It was great working with Tasha on her first public auto policy with JM Wilson.  She was quick to get all the requested information, and made sure she understood how everything would work.  I look forward to working with her again in the future.  Thanks for making it easy, Tasha!"

Nominated by Robin Beach, Transportation Underwriter at J.M. Wilson

Carrier Encore Winner:

Gene Keller - Nationwide Insurance Company

"We received a very short fuse large unit risk that was in need of a new agent and a new home.  Gene was so very helpful in getting us a quote and we ended up binding the business.  Even though he was super busy, he still found the time to help us get this done.  The agent was super appreciative, as was I.  Thanks Gene!!!"

Nominated by Mary Ricks, Senior Fleet Transportation Underwriter at J.M. Wilson

JM Wilson Associate Winner:

Crystal Russell - Accounting Operations Supervisor, J.M. Wilson

"Great big thank you to Crystal for taking (and willingly at that!) a confusing project and helping one of our agents answer a question.  Crystal figured it out in a way I never could and responded to them in no time flat.  Thanks so much, I really really appreciated you doing this."

Nominated by Susie Curtiss, Administrative Assistant Agency Licensing at J.M. Wilson